Back in the Air

Finally, finally my father’s Cessna 175 is back in the air!

The airplane was in maintenance for 3 months due to an issue with the avionics. It is now equipped with a new Garmin radio and GPS. The weather was at VFR minimums so we decided to remain in the pattern. We both had to do three solo landings to be able to carry passengers the next time we fly, this is called the 90-day-rule. The good thing about it was that we could listen to the impressive sound of the Franklin engine when the other one was flying. 😉 Quoted from the Franklin Operator’s Handbook:

“At idle speeds up to 1100 RPM the engine exhibits a distinctive “roll” or “gallop”. The Manifold Pressure tends to increase rather than decrease as the throttle is closed below about 1800 RPM. These characteristics together with the high magneto drop at some engine speeds are normal for the high breathing efficiency and other design features that are usually found only in high performance airline and military engines.”

Now enjoy this high breathing galloping engine… haha. 😉 It definately isn’t the average Cessna!

I would love to talk about the new avionics and the fact that training-wise you can’t beat circuits… but that’s for next time!

Happy landings! – We’re back in the air! 🙂

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  1. Paul says:

    Cool engine sound and impressive initial climb!


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