Enroute IFR: Aeronautical Decision Making

Come along on an en-route instrument flight in Europe. From flight plan filing to takeoff and landing. A discussion of aeronautical decision making (ADM) and the Enroute IR.

Enroute IFR from Switzerland to Carcassonne

Being one of a handful EASA Enroute IR (EIR) holders in Europe, I feel slightly obligated to share my experiences with it. Soon, the EIR will be replaced by the Basic IR (with enroute module) and thus, this enroute IFR rating will live on. Instrument flights consist of three phases: Departure*, enroute and arrival/approach**. The…

General aviation getaways: The Black Sea

This fly out was very special. Not only did we see fantastic landscapes and met wonderful people, we also discovered a new place to go on holidays: The Black Sea.

NOTAM: Airspace not Classified

The flyout from Switzerland to Greece taught me a lot, and not only flying-wise. I have seen Europe from a different point of view. Astonishing, how unique every country on our continent is. In this context I remember the flight from Croatia to Greece the most. We were cruising above the most beautiful islands of…

Schmerlat Fly-in

Just returned from a great ‘airfield-gardenparty’ in the north of Switzerland. 🙂 Normally the sailplane field of Schaffhausen is closed to visitors. This weekend they have organised a small airshow and every arriving oldtimer received 20 litres of aviation gasoline as a welcome gift! My dad, my girlfriend and I spent the day having pic-nic…

Oldtimer Fly-Out Greece

Back from 11 days of flying: From Switzerland to Greece. The journey is 20.4 hours in my logbook and I have many stories to tell. Coming soon…. 😉 Approach to Losinj Croatia