PIREPs for Europe

pirep phonePIREP Pro could improve your weather briefing. Download this app on your phone and you will be able to issue PIREPs simply by a few clicks. In America pilot reports are an important source for general aviation pilots for studying the actual weather – because it might not behave as forecast. Here in Europe you will find few PIREPs if any and they will probably come from Boeing captains who report weather at FL350, which is unlikely the level you are flying at in your piston aircraft!

AWO UA /OV AWO/TM 2132/FL016/TP C185/SK SKC/TB NEG/RM SMTH This is an example of a PIREP issued tonight in Washington. AWO is the airport of Arlington. This Cessna 185 pilot tells us that on his flight level, at about 1600ft, the sky condition was clear and there was no turbulence. You might wonder if we can learn anything from a pilot report that doesn’t contain any significant weather? Yes we can. TB NEG means that turbulence at this level was forecast but not encountered. Even more interesting are PIREPs about cloud tops or icing, espescially for instrument rated pilots. Take a look at the live map of Pirep Pro!

I think this app is a good start to introduce PIREPs to Europe.  If the app runs well it might become a valuable tool as it is on the other side of the pond. If you have interest in PIREP terminology I suggest following pdf: FEDERAL METEOROLOGICAL HANDBOOK No. 12 For AOPA members I have found an interactive course: SkySpotter


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  1. George says:

    Very interesting concept, thanks for bringing it up. I’m going to check it on my new iPad.


  2. Hi Guys,

    Thank you for reviewing our app.
    We do believe its time for aviation to meet technology and our aim is to lead the way.
    This app is all about the pilots community.
    Its ability to contribute to safer skies depends on the pilots themselves.
    The more Pilots use it the more data we will have.
    Currently we have more than 1300 pilots registered – 2 weeks from app launch.
    As we have a good reputation with our first app “Aviation W&B Calculator” which is being used by more than 23,000 pilots worldwide (104 countries) we aim to reach 20,000 registered PIREP Pro pilots in the near future .
    We have some more intresting features on our wish list and hopefully we will be able to release them during 2014.
    So keep the good work , spread the word and share the app.

    Many thanks again for the review – Much appreciated !

    Stay balanced , Fly safe


    Yuval Kronenfeld
    Director of Business Development and Technology Consultant
    Aviation W&B Calculator | PIREP Pro | rkApps


    1. Thank you for your response! 🙂 I hope your app will be used by many pilots. To help fellow pilots is simply good airmanship!


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