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The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has kept many of us pilots on the ground. The usual flying activity has been interrupted, and so has everyone’s routine. Let’s talk about what you can do to get rid of the dust that settled on your skills.

Enroute IFR: Aeronautical Decision Making

Come along on an en-route instrument flight in Europe. From flight plan filing to takeoff and landing. A discussion of aeronautical decision making (ADM) and the Enroute IR.

Enroute IFR from Switzerland to Carcassonne

Being one of a handful EASA Enroute IR (EIR) holders in Europe, I feel slightly obligated to share my experiences with it. Soon, the EIR will be replaced by the Basic IR (with enroute module) and thus, this enroute IFR rating will live on. Instrument flights consist of three phases: Departure*, enroute and arrival/approach**. The…

General aviation getaways: The Black Sea

This fly out was very special. Not only did we see fantastic landscapes and met wonderful people, we also discovered a new place to go on holidays: The Black Sea.

On extended wings to the Black Sea

It has been a long time since the last flight in our Franklin powered 1959 Cessna 175. It is currently getting hair wing extensions from Air Research Technology Inc. for a gross weight increase, mad take-off and overall performance. Plus, a Garmin GTN 650, a DME and in-flight weather will make it a real IFR…

Making Peace with European Air Law

Europe’s Air law is transforming at such a fast pace, it challenges even experienced pilots. As a result, there is insecurity among pilots about which rules apply. EASA tackles this issue with the new Easy Access Rules for Air Operations, a document similar to the FAR/AIM in America. The new Air Operations Regulation is applicable law for all non-commercial non-complex…