Halfway There

I found my way though all the paperwork. This is what ‘halfway there’ means.

Every time I think I am done Switzerland has another surprise, another step for me. It is annoying since I don’t have a clue how long it takes in the end. What I wanted was a flight with a local flight instructor and to send all the paperwork. But – surprise, surprise – it takes many more flights to get it done. I scheduled a flight on Saturday next week. My instructor wants to see how good or bad I fly. On the following flights (one flight a week) I need to improve until the instructor thinks I am ready for Switzerland. And that is what I don’t understand. Airplanes need money to fly. Wings maybe as well. But Swiss airplanes need one more thing to get in the air and I don’t know what.

I would like to fly two times a day at the flight school on the weekends. But remember… the Swiss style (slower than possible). The thing is, I feel like I was a student again. I don’t feel like a pilot. Dislike.

I asked the instructor how many flights it will take. He told me there are pilots from the US that fly very similar to the ones here and there are pilots that barely stay aloft. I believe I don’t fly too bad. Let’s hope for two or three flights and weeks. I bet there is another bad surprise. :-/

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