9.3h – Pattern Work in Arlington

Since Isaac was sick today I had a new flight instructor. His name was Andrew and he had a new challenge waiting for me. I went the first time to a different airport. It was Arlington, 10 miles to the north of Paine Field. Before the flight I asked for the radio calls I have to do in the pattern. With everything fresh in mind I was pretty good prepared for the touch and goes.

This was the third instructor to fly with and it was again a good experience. One likes to see you going through the checklist, one likes to see you re-trim the airplane all the time and the other one likes precise flying in the pattern (but all of them certainly love engine failures). I like to listen to their individual critics.

A great thing I learned today: Think of the peeps in the tower like they’re hangin’ around on a couch eating donuts. Don’t be afraid of them, they just want to know where you are and what you’re going to do.

Okay. Lesson learned. 🙂

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