8h – Pattern Work / Checkride

Puh… two flights on one day… I’m done…

It was one flight scheduled for 1pm. We were flying west of Paine Field over Whidbey Island for some slow flight, stalls and emergency landings. After two touch-and-goes I finally landed the airplane for a full stop. As always after flying I was starving… Just when I realized I forgot my sandwich, Isaac asked for another flight. Since I never say nay to flying I went up again.

The second flight was a progress check with a different instructor. It’s to make sure that I learn in a proper manner. They say it’s only to check your instructor but it felt still to me like I was the one who gets checked… 🙂 I was nervous but the flight was alright. It gave me a new perspective on my flying since I got used to fly with Isaac. I guess I know how to behave to let him talk on the radio… I was never talking so many times on the frequency as today. Because someone new was watching me from the right seat I listened carefully – and it worked out most of the time. The readbacks on ground, though, taxi to northway via alpha, delta, delta one and cross which runway? I still don’t get it right on the first attempt. Maybe next time.

David, the second flight instructor today, told me that everything was fine. There was some paperwork to do and now I’m almost good to go for the solo. Yay. 🙂

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