Let’s Go Flying

Yesterday my girlfriend asked if we would go to the airport’s restaurant on the weekend. I wasn’t sure if I heard right but I agreed without asking why. Anyhow, I really need to give her a bouquet of lilies for this one. πŸ™‚ My father called today and told me that the airplane’s wings needed some air underneath. Today turned out to be an aviation day. Let’s go flying!

30 minutes before pre-boarding I was told to plan a flight to Bressaucourt. The airport has opened only a few months ago and as it is short of money it needs all the traffic it can get. My father and I shared our work with him on the radio and me on the yoke. The flight was short but I enjoyed beeing in the air just for the sake of flying. During the ten minutes cruise over the Jura mountain ridge I realized how little I knew about this part of Switzerland. I could go kayaking in the Doubs river once with my girlfriend, I thought. A minute after crossing the river I was already overhead the field (there’s just too little time to enjoy on short flights!) and descended to join downwind. As we turned base an airplane entered the runway and I tried my best to delay our touch-down. I flew S-turns on final and it actually worked fine. But now I faced a new challenge: the airport was built on a hill which made it difficult to judge the proper angle of descent. With all that things going on I forgot to look at the windsock and get a feel for the wind. Despite of this it was still a safe landing, just a bit long and unsteady. The friendly airport crew marshalled us in just in front of the restaurant. We stayed there for a sandwich and a coke and had a little talk about how annoying air law is and how beautiful flying is (despite of air law).


…but as long flying is beautiful there will be pilots! Right?! πŸ™‚

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