Flying Like a Skylark

A letter from the Swiss aviation administration stated that I, a young pilot with 110h total time and 444 landings, indeed am a pilot. I told them before but they would not listen. What they were looking for were four solo circuits – done in Switzerland – and a bill in excess of 200$. The examiner in Seattle was right. It was not the air nor the wing that made airplanes fly! But let’s forget this for a sec and imagine this Skylark below, …


… wait for it …

…equipped with a Franklin 6A-350-C2 engine! A Cessna 175 Skylark is what you get. 🙂 Last Sunday I had the familiarization flight and it was pretty cool that my father had to sign my logbook.

We met early in the morning and I checked the weather, did the preflight checks and told tower when I was ready for taxi. I even enjoyed to talk on the radio. I never wanted to when I sat in the right seat but now it felt right. I was pilot in command of this Skylark. Above a lake it was time for clearing turns to fly a few maneuvers. When I set (manual) flaps the airplane gained a lot of lift. But when I went from 30 to 40 degrees it was different: It did not cause more lift but much more drag. I knew this before but now I knew what it meant to practical flying. Next was a left and right handed 360° at a bank angle of 60°. This was good to get used to the artificial horizon which is not fancy coloured but just a white line that illustrated the horizon. After these few maneuvers I located the runway of Neuchatel and descended into sector north to join downwind from overhead. During descent my dad asked why I flew so slowly. Well, I simply answered that I was pilot in command of this aircraft and wanted to slow things down. Nothing worse than an approach in an airplane that goes faster than the pilot’s brain! ;D


I am happy to finally finally be able to enjoy the privileges of being a private pilot. Let’s enjoy and explore the skies of Europe! Let’s go flying – like the little Skylark does.

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