Good Morning Kenmore Air!

I decided to get the seaplane rating here at Kenmore. The big advantage of the FAA rating is that it is good for a life long. =) This morning, my first lesson was scheduled.

Due to winds in excess of 15 knots and gusts I didn’t go flying yet. Jeff, my flight instructor, taught me the basics about flying on floats and we did a quick walk around. The airplane is a nice Piper Super Cub on straight floats. I think it is going to be fun flying this plane! Tomorrow we will give it a next try. The winds are forecast at 10 knots with low ceilings. Looks good, Jeff said we won’t fly above 500 feet anyways!

The heavier airplanes had no troubles with the winds and waves. Since I don’t have a lot to talk about here a few impressions I caught with my mobile:




I can’t believe I am so close to my childhood dream. Two months ago I began flight training and now… Here I am:

I am living my dream! =)

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