19.9h SES – Martin Mars and Radio Calls

I flew to the largest flying boats on earth! šŸ™‚ The Martin Mars are based on Vancouver Island in Sproat Lake. They have a majestic wing span of 61m and each of the four engines produce up to 3050hp. My Cessna’s got 160hp. haha šŸ™‚ The Martin Mars were built at the end of World War II. Only these two flying boats and twelve engines exist today. I heard they change the engines all two weeks for equal use. They can drop 27 tons of water on a fire…



We went through Vancouver’s airspace. I am not happy at all with my poor radio work. In the USA it was easy since everybody used standard phrasology. Let’s compare a transit in Charlie airspace.


Me: “Whidbey Approach, Cessna 67991, Hat Island, 2500, request VFR flight following to Bellingham.”

App: “991, squawk 2345.”

Me: “991, squawk 2345.”

App: “991, radar contact 5 miles north-west of Paine Field, 2500.”

Me: “991, radar checks.”

The Canadian Way:

Floatplane: “Vancouver Tower, that’s floatplane GXYZ, we’re over Nanoose Harbour south-eastbound and we’d like to fly a 265 radial to the VOR. We’re at 2500 and we can go higher if you want.”

App: “Floatplane GXYZ, squawk and ident.”

Floatplane: “Squawk and ident.”

App: “Have you on the radar. You can stay at 2500 for a bit. You need to go to 1000, as soon you’re four nautical miles from the VOR. Sorry for that.”

Floatplane: “That’s okay. We’ll do that.”

I felt comfortable in the USA. I knew what I had to listen for. Now I have difficulty hearing the important information out of the calls. On the other hand, the Canadians are so friendly on radio I don’t really want to say anything bad about them… šŸ™‚ I can’t complain, I am the one that needs to go to English class.

Flying here is a blast. I enjoy and learn as much as I can. Flying on floats teaches me to control the airplane and put it where I want it. I’m not there yet… maybe two out of the 42 landings were really nice and controlled. When I was flying the Super Cub at Kenmore it took only three hours until my landings felt good. After this course my control about the airplane will be much better. And best of all, I learn to look outside and not to rely only on GPS and instruments. šŸ™‚

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