General Aviation getaways in Europe

That’s why you learned to fly

There is a key to enjoying your private pilot privileges. It is simple: You should visit the best getaways with your friends and family.

Rumor has it that the majority of private pilots quit flying within the first years after getting their license. Let’s stop you from being one of them. Because general aviation can bring a lot of adventures – if you seek them.

Our Skylark has been in our family since 1997 and my father made it our family pick-up. That first year, we visited Great Britain in a group of about 30 airplanes of the Antique Airplane Association of Switzerland. Travelling in a group was a phenomenal introduction into cross-country flying in Europe. After all, crossing borders can be intimidating at first. As soon as you realize it’s as simple as knowing when to fill in a customs form and a flight plan, the process becomes routine. Another great ressource for flying all over Europe is, you’ll like their informative forum.

Let’s look at a selection of my top general aviation getaways in Europe:

Freiburg im Breisgau – EDTF

Freiburg im Breisgau CC0

This was my introduction to flying across the Swiss border. The airport is very GA friendly, and for transportation rental cars (mobile app accessible) and buses are available. From Switzerland, it’s a very short hop. Great for shopping. You know, happy wife happy life. Or, if the wife is at the controls… nothing rhymes with husband, oh well.

Venezia Lido – LIPV


Venice is perfect for a day-trip on a long summer day or for an extended weekend. After securing your plane you can hop on a boat to the city. Even though Italy has low class Alpha airspace in the north, altitude can be maintained if you choose a route a bit more to the east. Anyways, just draw a line on the map and start planning. It is worth it.

Fano – LIDF


A bit further to the South than Venice, this grass airport is a real holiday getaway. Still reachable for most planes, with a quick customs/fuel stop (e.g. in Brescia), in two flights from Switzerland. It features beautiful beaches, great restaurants and isn’t crowded by foreign tourists. The airport offers even a courtesy car and once in Fano, bike rentals help you explore the city.

Portorož – LJPZ


Wikipedia says all you need to know: “Slovenian Adriatic seaside resort and spa town”. The airport is one of the most GA-friendly. They have App2Drive rental cars, however, that’s only if you want to miss out on the Slivovitz offered at the C-office. After lift-off you’ll wonder why not all GA airports have this positive spirit and feeling for general aviation marketing.

Sounds exciting and enticing? I mean look at the header picture (Aviosuperficie Lecce, southern Italy). Looks like fun? It is – and with a good destination, anyone taken along will love it.

Now have fun on your flights to your getaways, your adventures. That’s why you became a pilot.

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