On extended wings to the Black Sea

Wing-X STOL STC Banner.png

It has been a long time since the last flight in our Franklin powered 1959 Cessna 175. It is currently getting hair wing extensions from Air Research Technology Inc. for a gross weight increase, mad take-off and overall performance. Plus, a Garmin GTN 650, a DME and in-flight weather will make it a real IFR old-timer that is capable to fly GPS and ILS 3D approaches down to 200 feet.

With all these modifications, we’re embarking on a journey to the Black Sea.

HB-CMC at Aerotech


The route illustrated on the map below has been proposed quite a few months back. However, as these countries don’t have the most vivid General Aviation airports it is a challenge to find aviation fuel. That’s why we will probably deviate from the original plan. As always, it is going to be an adventure and I’ll keep you posted – taking off in two weeks.

We will be traveling in a group of about 15 airplanes. If you’re interested in our club you’ll find more information on the Antique Airplane Association of Switzerland here: www.a-a-a.ch

Triple A flyout to the Black Sea

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  1. Richard says:

    Hello I’m searching for an STC fir a one piece panel. Its in need of an upgrade and any help would be much appriciated.


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