Ideas for the Future

Live your dream –  many say it but few mean it. While it isn’t hard to dream it is much more of a challenge to make it happen. The idea makes one smile and happy and whoa!- how are you going to pay those bills?!

My girlfriend has found a job in the United States for summer 2014 so I know now in which city to look for a flight school. It is still my plan to do my instrument rating first and then the commercial pilot licence. This would be possible within three months, depending on my ground school studying. Hopefully I will find a job with my CPL or maybe as a flight instructor. However for the latter I would have to spend even more money and that is where “how are you going to pay those bills?!” comes into play. As a pilot it is not only in the air a good habit to think: “What if?” In this case, what if I don’t find a job? Well I think there is a job waiting for me somewhere. But it will take time to find it. Furthermore a cockpit job doesn’t mean it would be full-time and thus pay for all bills. I need a plan B. During a fly-in not long ago an A&P mechanic introduced himself because he noted that I learned to fly in the States. We had a good talk and he explained the different ways to become an aircraft mechanic. It turned out it would be possible to start working in a hangar under supervision of a mechanic. After 18 months and a few exams I could be an airframe or powerplant mechanic. Sounds like plan B, doesn’t it? Before I could only think of working for Starbucks or whatever I could find (this stepped down to plan C). I would learn a lot about airplanes and improve my chances to find a cockpit job significantly. The pay couldn’t be worse compared to plan C, could it? Above all, I think I might like this kind of work.

Looking deeper into this idea I looked up the exam requirements and it seemed the wind was in my favor: the first of two written exams is general on algebra, physics and so forth. Exactly what I am studying now in Switzerland. Possibly my technical college pays out. I already see myself smoking a cigar, saying: “I love it when a plan comes together.” (That is a quote from the A-Team, Hannibal Smith’s plans never work right. They just work.)

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