Feel the Freedom

The song in this video ran today on my last.fm radio. It reminded me of this video a former student of Island Coastal recorded – by the way Rosh, if you read this, thanks so much! I remember memories of the float training crystal clear when I hear that song. I feel as back on the controls. I feel the freedom. =)

Well….still waiting for freedom (validation) in Switzerland. I’m kinda trapped in a deep winter. Since I live in the mountains I have a train ride of 4 hours to the airport. The only day I can fly is Saturday and the weather doesn’t seem to like this day. My instructor called today and he has no open weekends until May. Forunately I move into the area of the airport in April. ‘Til then I will get the best out of living here. I still love the mountains and the snow! =) Let’s go snowshoeing!

I am applying for jobs right now. Hopefully I can find work on the ramp of a major airport. It would be a gift to my over-all-motivation! Also I would love to work in a mechanic’s shop at one of the smaller airports. I couldn’t be happier if I’d get both jobs.


Although I can’t fly in this country yet I know the scenery is beautiful and I am so looking forward to fly around some mountain peaks. To feel the freedom again, to feel the responsibility of beeing pilot in command. There is one freedom I have though. I can choose a job – almost whatever I want. I will find something that makes me happy! 🙂

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