50hrs Floatplane Course Completed! =)

Wow, I flew 50 hours on floats. I am so happy my smile goes all around my head! I spent more time on floats than on wheels. My total time is 102.2 hours and in 150 hours I’m gonna have my first job! Yay! The only problem is now my lack of money.



On my last flight today I did some nice landings on the river and flew around a blackbear that was sitting in a blueberryfield. I did what I wanted to do and had lots of fun. During the landings I realized it was my last flight and I enjoyed the last minutes so much. 🙂 After I taxied the airplane onto the ramp and shutoff the engine Tom gave me his hand and he congratulated to the completion of this course. He told me I did some of the nicest landings he had seen by his students. But even on this last flight the water surprised me once and it was the last lesson for today: Stay focused on all of your landings.

Now I’ll clean up my room and leave for Vancouver tonight. On friday’s my flight home. Can’t wait to see my girlfriend and my family again!

If you want to experience this adventure… www.islandcoastalaviation.com

I can highly recommend this place! 🙂

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