30.0h SES – Shooting Landings

The airplane is repaired, I am well rested and ready to shoot hundreds of landings. Tom’s plan is to give me some basic seaplane instruction. We’re going to fly about 6 hours tomorrow. The last days were great to learn some things about aircraft maintenance. At least I know now of which parts the alternator system consists!

I told Tom I am still not comfortable with my landings. I always touch down with the nose too low. This can be very dangerous and therefore I want to make sure I get rid of this bad habit. Since I learned to fly in a Cessna 152, a very light plane, I am not used to heavy aircraft. For example when I got my high performance endorsement I always landed flat, with the nose too low. I have been told this happens because of the heavy engine. On floatplanes this effect is even more crucial since the center of gravity is even more forward and high.

After a full week of sunshine I saw the first clouds in Vancouver today. At night it’s going to rain. Tomorrow is the perfect day for some 30, 40 plus landings… until I get bored of it.

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