111.2h – Validation Complete

You come home from flying with a big grin on your face. You take off your shoes and – damn, what’s that smell?! – you probably had your first solo. In my case, I completed the validation process from FAA to EASA by a first solo in EASA-land. Yay! Party time!

Three landings were required but as the song says…”Can’t Stop” was all I thought, so I did more. I had 500 in mind but the fuel gauge just didn’t want to leave me alone. Radio work went fine and I was cleared for take off. I lined up and applied full power. The Tomahawk hopped into the air – it was 10% lighter than the flight before (I flew three circuits with instructor before solo). It climbed very well for the same reason and the steering felt quicker. I did a normal landing with 34° of flaps. After this one I did a 0° flaps landing followed by 21° and finally again with a normal 34° flap setting. My instructor stood at the runway with a handcom, watched and listened closely. I didn’t exactly feel as on the first solo. I felt great up there. I reminded myself that I already am a certified pilot. This was a normal flight, just shooting a few touch and goes. But somehow after the flight I was soaked with sweat. It reminded me of my real first solo. Good times.

Okay! Now there’s only paperwork left. In two weeks or so I will get the letter from the authorities, stating that I am a pilot indeed. But before I start complaining: This was a great day, I had a blast! 🙂

Happy landings!

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