I’m A Pioneer

I was tired tonight after six hours of flying. Instead of trying to learn I surfed the internet. I found some neat videos on youtube of other guys after their first solo. And I realized – I know I’m late – that I am a pilot. Wow, what a feeling.

My passion for flying started many years ago. As a seven year old I knew almost all airplanes by make and model. I was a little boy when my dad got home and he asked my mom what she thinks about buying an airplane (or I believed I heard something like that). Me and my two sisters gave our dad each a twoony since we knew it’s gonna cost something. In the first years I was too little to look out of our Cessna’s windows. I sat on a bag and enjoyed being pushed into the seat on takeoff. I remember looking down every time, seeing how the runway becomes smaller and smaller. After a few years I finally saw the cowling in front of the windshield. It made me quiet proud to see what my dad, the pilot could see! We travelled all over Europe and I always knew I will come back to those places once being a pilot myself. I saved a lot of money over the years and made big plans to leave for America. Now, three months after arrival I’m sitting in the left seat of airplanes. I became a pilot.

I wonder what I love so much about aviation. Maybe it is all about the first solo. The instructor tells you to do exactly what you have learned. He closes the door and up you go. Once in the air you have many questions you would like to ask. Glancing over to the right seat you realize there isn’t anybody going to give an answer. You decide now, you are the pilot. You do your own first flap and you begin to answer your own questions. In other words, you are a pioneer.P9090223

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